A portrait of the artists calm, 2018 digital print, wax, found audio 84 x 95 x 16 cm        Apply topical cream 2x daily, 2018 melamine board, text, vinyl stickers 60 x 29 cm




          Perimeter of the artists body, 2018 text, tape, strip light, found video, wax 180 x 65 x 10 cm










Are they names if they're randomly generated (2017) (for isthisit?)

                                        Luke Nairn, Stored in the Depths (2017)

  'Are they names if they're randomly generated' (2017)

iPhone Residency: Luke Nairn (2017)








 “Somebody will say, Oh freedom of speech, freedom of speech” (2016)

There was some interesting stuff here (2016)








Command Shift Escape Command Shift Escape (2015)






759×1334 (2015) A view from RLX MAX 300 (with adjustable head rest) (2015)